9 April 2014

Expreem app (1.1) is now ready for download worldwide through App Store. Featured in Italy among the best new social networking:  Expreem

29 January 2014

Expreem app (1.0) is now ready for download worldwide through App Store:  


29 January 2014

Expreem app submitted to App Store: today we’re still in ‘waiting for review’ status.


20 January 2014

Packing for App Store Submission


3 January 2014

Reviewing Facebook Share actions on timeline


16 October 2013

Some fix to the “Aprroach” status


15 October 2013

Almost done with the “Create promotions” “Edit places”: it’s giving us some hard times!


10 October 2013

Successfully completed first inapp via credits and balance


5 October 2013

In app purchase via server


30 September 2013

Working on Itunes screenshots


25 September 2013

Redesigned “view all involved” api for a better algorithm to distribute status in different arreys


15 September 2013

Testing the CONNECT functions all over the city with friends, works great but “disconnect” need some tuning


10 September 2013

Almost done the Add a new promotion and edit places UI


2 September 2013

Refining Connect Api and Instant Conversations


25 August 2013

Expreem server and Apple’s need to talk: inapp & push not


20 August 2013

Working to do background uploading at best and manage all bandwidth issues during “create”


18 August 2013

Some improvements in the “Journal” algorithm


13 August 2013

Created the “Connect to users” api


13 August 2013

Neep for speed: mongobd e MySql need to talk faster


10 August 2013

Getting some fuel into the invite list: created six macrotag to define who’s most important in the db and nearby


30 July 2013

Deployed the brand new “synch to all” & Unlock promotion callback to ease te user experience


15 July 2013

Trying out some app tutorials: not an easy task !


14 July 2013

Working on the “create promotion” and “advertise a business” api and UI


12 July 2013

Finishing the Journal section and all featured stuff


10 July 2013

Uploading more photos in single activities


5 July 2013

Finished customized views and sliding effects for Create Activity


4 July 2013

Create a new activity graphics ready



3 July 2013

Developing Featured: Journal and feat. activities and places


2 July 2013

Featured Apis ready


29 June 2013

Finishing searching within places and promotions


25 June 2013

Extracting more significant data from user attitudes in places



20 May 2013

Developing logged status-actions and all new remove-actions model on client side


10 May 2013

Remodeling status-actions api for a better user experience


Testing promotions unlocking in various geo-contexts


19 April 2013

Login Facebook and Twitter. Wizard Login. Favorite activities. All working great !


5 April 2013

Re-designing Login and Sign Up interface to harmonize “Select Favorite Activities” and “Latest Position available” with upcoming features on “Create Activity”


4 April 2013

Fixed about 20 bugs on feed and Activity page



1 April 2013

Just in some brand new Unlock Promotion graphics


30 March 2013

A first version of Listing Places, Places and Unlock promotions front end have been pulled into main repository: fixes needed


28 March 2013

A first version of Listing Places API is ready: seems to work quite well even with so many info details



26 March 2013

A first version of Places API is ready: need to cut this in 3 different apis / server overloading


22 March 2013

Working to eliminate user geo-lists data inconsistency


20 March 2013

Working to eliminate flickering feeds due to cache settings



18 March 2013

Reorganizing statistics values within the activity data to extract most interesting details. Redesigning confirmed actions icons. Creating “getting activity updates” lists on all activities. Reuniting again for the umpteenth time the activity API: need for speed ! Still on a major cache bug….


14 March 2013
Testing build 116. Some hard times and late nights fixing all major filter apis and creating new objects. Some new design for new navigation icons.


12 March 2013

We are currently working on Places & Promotions section: we are unifying the various services calls into a single api. We should be done in a couple of days ! Stay tuned….