You can decide to share an activity right when you are posting it, by clicking on the facebook (share) button.
If you haven’t yet given expreem the permission to publish, it will open facebook and will ask you the permit. Easy.
Otherwise you can share any activity you like by using the share function easy displayed on the activity menu.

That’s how every post shared by expreem gets published on Facebook news.
If you have created an activity you will se “created an activity” otherwise we’ll share your action withing the activity, like – for example here – a connection between 2 users within an activity.
What’s most relevant between expreem posts on facebook and – for example – instagram’s, it’s that you are able here to see informations like: how many people are right there (also the gender and avg age) and – of course – the time left for you to connect with this activity and with the people involved.
If you are seeing these post from facebook app on your device, and you have already downloaded expreem, they will open directly on expreem app at the activity page so you can interact.


Here you see, instead, the format facebook publish in your timeline. To have expreem feeds published into your timeline go in your facebook activity logs and select publish in timeline.
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