CONNECT with SOMEBODY means starting a relationship based on proximity and a time capsule, to make it simple: you create a network of people that has shared the same space and time at least one time.
People available for CONNECT are people that are very close: they can be really one next to the other, steps away, or at worst a couple of meters away. Sometime they found each other in crowded places other time in tiny spot like a Café.

To CONNECT with people within one activity you need to be in the SYNCH status (see Synch). Once you are in the Synch status in the menu you will see the menu CONNECT with the number of people available. You can CONNECT to all the other people that are in the SYNCH status like you.
When you click to the CONNECT icon (when there is a least 1 people available), you see the list of people, you need then to tap of the user’s photo you want to CONNECT with.
When you tap on the photo you can just simply click on CONNECT or also add a message. Once you use the action “CONNECT” with someone, you two are right there connected and automatically become friends and start a conversation. The other person will receive a push notification with your connection and the piece of CONVERSATION (if you have written something). The person than can reply to the conversation. Usually people see the picture of they meet right away, but sometime a quick chat is a good thing to meet in crowded places.
If one of the two doesn’t break the CONNECTION you two stay friends forever and can chat forever. Otherwise the conversation is blocked. Also, from now on you will see this person as Friends in the TAG and INVITE list during the Create an activity main page.


HOW TO DISCONNECT: To break a connection you go on the connect list page related to specific activity (you can easily access from the connect notification message) and tap DISCONNECT. That easy. When you disconnect the conversation is blocked and that person can no longer message you. Although you need to remember that you can DISCONNECT only while the activity is still in progress.